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Key Selling Points

New Monster Trio

Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform

2K E6 AMOLED Display
New Monster Trio

Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform

V2 Chip

Gaming Chip
Imaging Chip

Game Control

In-Display Dual Monster Touch
Dual X-Axis Linear Motor
Dual Stereo Speaker

120W FlashCharge
5000mAh Large
Vapor Chamber
Liquid Cooling

Just Got Topped

Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform

A Leap Across
Four Dimensions

Four major upgrades in the CPU, GPU, CPU cores and the cluster architecture drive
performance up and keep power consumption down.

Performance Test Score* 1,323,820

New 64-bit Cortex-X3

super large core ensures faster running of 64-bit apps and a 10%* boost in CPU peak performance.

New 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 Cluster Architecture

balances performance and power consumption, offering smarter performance scheduling.

New Adreno GPU

renders graphics at 264 fps against the GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 test, a 20%* improvement in GPU peak performance.

New TSMC 4 nm process

unleashes high performance while keeping things smooth with stable frame rates.

New Power
New Efficiency
New Monster Trio


The most advanced DRAM the new core can support

  • + 33 %

    Sequential read speed

  • + 20 %

    Energy efficiency

UFS 4.0* doubles your file
copy speed

  • + 56 %

    Sequential write speed

  • + 100 %

    Sequential write speed

  • - 40 %

    Power consumption

Extended RAM 3.0

Extended RAM technology just got upgraded again. The 16GB
RAM edition phone can run as if it has 24GB of RAM, making
the number of active background apps reaching over 43.

2K 144 Hz E6
AMOLED Display

Superior Quality on
All Fronts
Smooth Control Paired
with Tiptop Care

Intricate Details Even
in Dark Scenes


XDR display



Color Management


In-house color accuracy algorithm
with delta-E value of 0.30

First Batch of
High-Quality Samsung
OLED Displays

1,440 Hz

Refresh rate


For better eye comfort

Balancing High Refresh
with Low Power


Adaptive refresh rate

144 Hz

Refresh rate

A Feast for Your Eyes
Recognized and Approved
by HDR 10+ Certification


Vapor Chamber Liquid Cooling System

Smart Cooling + New
Processing Technology
Beat the Heat Inside Out

24,768 mm2

Drastically increased total cooling area*

Unibody Vapor


Our new processing technique increases cooling efficiency by reducing ineffective cooling areas along the edges of the vapor chamber.

Cool Aircraft-Grade

Aluminum Frame

The 4013-mm² ultra large liquid cooling vapor chamber is just good at keeping things chill. Unique metal and structural design further lower the temperature of the upper frame, reducing the temperature of the phone case, which keeps your palm cool during the heat of battle.

Smart Temperature


Breeze through with an independent sensor that features high accuracy and high sensitivity, so your phone reacts faster to temperature changes.

120 W FlashCharge

Charge in a Flash for
Non-Stop Play
Bid Battery Anxiety

5000 mAh(TYP)

battery fully charged in 25 minutes*

Game On

V2 Chip

Gaming and Imaging
Two Functions Rolled in One

It comes packed with upgraded hardware for enhanced AI performance and the latest Game Frame
Interpolation technology to offer high frame rates tailored for gaming and videos. Within the
redefined chip structure lies a collection of carefully chosen imaging algorithms to boost video
quality even at night. What you see is what you get.

Gamers and photographers,
meet the new V2 chip.

Game Frame

Through motion prediction and motion compensation, the dedicated V2 chip boosts
the regular frame rate of games to 144 fps for supreme smoothness.

Full-Sensory Game Control

Gain an Edge with
Heightened Precision

The left and right sides of the screen can be operated separately, so you can do the work of
four fingers with two, and try some awesome combos. Use the new press-and-drag feature to
bring up a mini map to quickly view the whole terrain and move to the right place.

Lightning-fast motor reaction for crisp vibrations. They deliver lifelike
damage feedback, and indicate directions clearly in Wild Rift,
immersing you in the game like never before.

Be transported into the game with superb surround sound. An extra
algorithm boosts the sound field by a sheer 50% to 120 degrees, helping you
hear all the nuances of sound in games and videos.

In-Display Dual
Monster Touch
Dual X-Axis
Linear Motor
Dual Stereo

Immersive Gaming

Precise Control
Crowns the Victor

Game Control Customization

Customize tapping sensitivity, swiping speed, and micro-control precision for multiple mainstream games. Be one with your phone and execute those awesome moves.

Gyroscope Enhancement

Boost your gyroscope sensitivity with one quick tap. Or adjust its sensitivity across a wider range. With total control in gameplay, victory will be yours.

Motion Control

Go beyond using two or four fingers. Create up to six motion gestures for highly customized combat moves. Surprise your enemies—and yourself too—with new maneuvers.

Be a Legend
and off the

and Craft

Exquisitely designed and painstakingly
built to exhibit top style and quality.
On and off the battlefield, a true legend
never stops exploring.

  • Sleek Unibody Frame

    Sleek unibody frame with smooth
    and sharp lines.

  • CNC Engraved Print

    Polished metallic plate with CNC
    engraved print.

  • Clous de Paris Pattern

    Elegant Clous de Paris pattern as seen in
    timeless timepieces.

  • Organic Silicone Leather

    Luxury and comfort delivered through
    organic silicone leather.


Exquisitely designed and painstakingly
builtto exhibit top style and quality.
On and off the battlefield, a true legend
never stops exploring.

  • New 3D Motherboard

    Improved durability realized by a new
    3D motherboard architecture.

  • Fiberglass Material

    Thinner and more resilient, thanks to the fiberglass

  • Unibody Vapor Chamber

    Enhanced cooling provided by the unibody
    vapor chamber that functions as a cooling armor.

Alpha Legend

Under the calm demeanor of this classic
color lies an uncontainable desire for
ferocious speed.

Get inspired by this unique color, venture
boldly into the unknown, and become the
next legend.

Vibrant Images
Powered by V2

50 MP OIS Triple
Rear Camera*

V2 Chip for
Powerful Processing for
True-to-Life Images

Supported by the SoC and powerful algorithms running on the new
V2 Chip, the top-gear 50 MP triple camera system offers
enhanced quality for your night photography.

编组 6 Created with Sketch.
Main Camera
编组 6备份 Created with Sketch.
Telephoto &
Portrait Camera
编组 6备份 2 Created with Sketch.
Ultra Wide-
Angle Camera

4K Super Night Video

Ignite your night with all-new 4K compatibility backed by chip-level night imaging algorithms.

Motion Snapshot

Best Moment

Here’s a new trick for great
snapshots. Take a live photo, and use
Pro Sports Mode to freeze the best
moment in the sequence.

Motion Snapshot

The moments are fleeting, but your
phone camera can move even faster
to help you eternalize them.

Night Camera Panning

Images Sculpted
by Time

The Night Camera Panning feature just got an update.
New OIS hardware keeps the camera steady while you
follow and capture your subject and the passage of
night time.

XDR Photo

Caring Tech
Offers Convenience
and Security

Funtouch OS 13

Stylish. Smooth. Simple.

UI Color

Make a bold color statement. Give your OS a makeover you’ve always wanted.

Monochrome Icon

Extend the dynamic color experience to all home screen icons in one tap.

Phone Cooling

Cool down your phone by reducing active apps and smartly adjusting CPU frequency*.

AQI Card

Real-time air quality at a quick glance.

Security and Privacy

Notification Permissions

An easy and convenient way to manage app notification permissions.


  • The product pictures, internal structure illustrations and features shown are for reference only. Please take actual products as standard.
  • All data and parameters are based on our laboratory test results in standard test environments. Actual performance may vary depending on test environment, test software and other factors.
  • Some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to supplier change or different production batches. Our company may update the descriptions on this page accordingly. Please read this page carefully before use.
  • Test data obtained from our laboratory. The test device used is the 8 GB + 256 GB edition of iQOO 11 , and the AnTuTu Benchmark version is V9. The data is for reference only. Actual score will vary depending on the phone capacity and test environment. The CPU and GPU performance improvement and power consumption reduction data come from our laboratory and public data from Qualcomm, and refer to comparison with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.
  • About LPDDR5x refers to comparison with LPDDR5. The UFS 4.0 sequential read and write speeds are theoretical values of the 256 GB edition phone. The energy consumption data refers to comparison with Samsung UFS 3.1 V6 Sovlit used on iQOO 9T
  • The total cooling area is the sum of the areas of the vapor chamber, graphite layer, heat dissipation film, carbon fiber, thermal conductive gel and other structures.
  • When paired with the product’s original charger and cable, the maximum supported fast-charging power is 120W. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use. *Charging data is obtained from our laboratory test environment. Test environment: ambient temperature and phone temperature of 25℃±1℃. Test conditions: 1% of battery capacity, all phone services and features turned off except for voice calls, screen off, and an official standard charger and data cable used.. Actual data may vary depending on the test environment, charging situation, original phone temperature, long-term battery wear, and other factors.
  • Game Frame Interpolation currently supports up to 144 Hz in Genshin Impact, up to 120 Hz in League of Legends, and up to 90 Hz in games such as Call of Duty, Garena Free Fire and Apex Legends. Actual supported games might be different.
  • The 50 MP OIS triple camera system includes a 50 MP main camera, an 8 MP ultra wide-angle camera with a wide angle of 116° (106° after distortion correction), and a 13 MP telephoto and portrait camera. The pixel count may vary in different camera modes, and is subject to actual usage.
  • Shutter lag is the time difference between when the shutter is triggered and when the photo is actually taken.
  • Supported via iManager.
  • User interfaces shown are for reference only. Actual content may vary depending on software version.