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6000 mAh
Ultra-Thin Graphite Battery +
80W FlashCharge

Snapdragon® 7 Gen 3
Mobile Platform

6043 mm²
Vapor Chamber


1.5K 144 Hz
AMOLED Display

New 50 MP Camera
with Sony IMX882
Camera Sensor



Flagship-Level Performance Offers a More Enjoyable Interactive Experience

Flagship-Level Performance Offers a More Enjoyable Interactive Experience

Performance Offers
a More Enjoyable
Interactive Experience

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Snapdragon® 7 Gen 3 Mobile Platform Top Performance, Long-Lasting Battery Life

Snapdragon® 7 Gen 3 mobile platform adopts the same architecture as Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 mobile platform to provide you with flagship-level performance. It features TSMC's third-generation 4 nm process for CPU, a "1 + 3 + 4" design including both large and small cores, and a 64-bit architecture, delivering outstanding energy efficiency that prolongs battery life.

  • AI Engine


    Performance per

  • 824,476

    AnTuTu Score1

6043 mm² Vapor Chamber Frost Cooling, Powerful Heat Transfer

  • 9 Intelligent NTC Temperature Sensors

    The phone body's temperature is accurately and promptly detected to make temperature control faster and more responsive for worry-free heat transfer, providing you with an ultimate visual experience in gaming.

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  • 6043 mm²

    Liquid Cooling Vapor Chamber

  • VC's Cooling Area Increased to 200%*

    Compared to the Previous Generation2

  • VC's heat conductivity coefficient has improved by 809%

    Compared to Single-Layer Graphite2

  • 26,900 mm²

    The total cooling area is over2

  • 2℃ in heavy gaming scenarios2

    Compared to the previous generation, the temperature in direct contact areas on both sides drops by

144Hz Ultra-Smooth AMOLED Display3
High Refresh Rate, Less Eye Strain after Long Periods of Use3

  • Flagship-Grade C8
    Light-Emitting Materia

    Peak brightness reaches up to 4500 nits, allowing you to play games even outdoors. You can watch videos and play games at any time!

  • Refresh Rate





    452 PPI
    1 Billon Colors

Eye-Care AMOLED Display

LTPS provides excellent eye protection, eliminating the need for all-time Pulse-Width Modulation. SVM is as low as 0.06 in dimming mode and multiple dimming solutions are provided for your choice. When the phone has a low display brightness, ultra-high-frequency PWM at up to 3840 Hz and full-brightness DC-like dimming mode reduces screen flickering, delivering powerful eye protection.3

  • LTPS

    Provides excellent eye protection

  • 0.06

    SVM is as low

  • 3840 Hz

    Ultra-High-Frequency PWM at up to

  • SGS
    Low Blue Light

  • SGS
    Low Flicker

12 GB + 12 GB Extended RAM4
No More Stuttering
Ultra Smoothness

The 12 GB RAM combined with 12 GB extended RAM reduces stuttering issues, enabling smooth switching between apps and hassle-free swiping.

  • 40+

    Active Background Apps

4D Game Vibration5Incredible Haptic Feedback in Gaming as if You Were on the Battlefield

Different vibration waveforms provide an immersive gaming experience. It provides vibration exclusively for the 68 characters in a leading Open world mobile game when they are using skills, making you feel like you're in the midst of battle.

  • Small Window

    During gaming, you can suspend the app and send it to the background. This allows you to effortlessly grind while watching movies or responding to messages, with no frustrating moments of reloading the game running in the background.

  • Dual Speaker + Sound Field Expansion Algorithm

Long Lifespan, Fast Charging, and Long-Lasting Battery Life

Long Lifespan, Fast Charging, and Long-Lasting Battery Life

Long Lifespan
Fast Charging
Long-Lasting Battery Life

  • 6000 mAh Ultra-Thin
    Graphite Battery6
    All-Day Battery Life for Worry-Free Use

    Thanks to the new Ultra-Thin Graphite Battery, micrometer laser array etching process, and the Extreme Middle Cell (EMC) process, the battery boasts an energy density that is significantly greater, seeing you through the whole day. A new miniature architecture that enables the phone to be mere 7.98 mm thick and weigh only 194.6g1.

  • DOU: 2.041
  • New material

    The negative electrode graphite reconstruction technology features a graphitic layer for fast changing on the top and a high-energy-density layer at the bottom, improving the energy density by about 6% compared to that of traditional graphite in the same size1.

  • New process

    The cold pressing process for the electrode increases energy density and discharge capacity.

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  • Long-Lasting Battery Life, Lightning-Speed Charging
  • 80W


    5 Minutes of Charging

    4 Hours of Voice Calling Time1

    10 Minutes of Charging

    5 Hours of Scrolling on Social Media1

    15 Minutes of Charging

    6 Hours of Watching Long Videos1

  • The phone supports up to 6W wired reverse charging and can be used as a portable power source in emergencies.

  • 4-Year Battery Health7
  • Doubled Battery Lifespan

    After 4 years of use, the battery capacity is still above


    Security Protection

    Anti-Aging Charging Algorithm

Top-Notch Performance, Eye-Care All-Rounder

Top-Notch Performance, Eye-Care All-Rounder

Performance, Eye-Care

The All-New Sony IMX882 Camera Captures Every Single Detail with No Blind Spots

IMX882 sensor is Sony's latest 1/2-inch sensor, featuring advanced 2*2 OCL technology that provides a hardware-enabled shooting experience.

  • 50 MP

    Ultra HD Main Camera

  • 2 MP

    Depth of Field (Bokeh)

  • 16 MP

    Ultra HD Selfie Camera

Snapshot, Making It Easy for You to Capture Amazing Shots

  • Panning

    Panning is a common technique for shooting high-speed moving subjects. During exposure, the camera is made to move to follow the moving subjects, which results in images with a clear subject and linear motion blur in the background. It creates a sense of movement and speed.

Eye Comfort and
Both Front and Back

Eye Comfort and
Both Front and Back

Dazzling Planetary Orbit Design, Comfortable to Touch

The front houses a screen frame and a 1.54 mm ultra-narrow bezel; the back features a porthole-shaped camera module. Measuring just 7.98 mm in thickness, it is lightweight and comfortable to hold, full of aesthetic visual delight.

Breeze Green
Phantom Black
Porthole Design

A rounded square shape achieves a harmonious balance. Multiple slightly rounded sides seamlessly bring out the outline of the porthole.

Scale Texture in the "Planetary Orbit"

The camera ring is made of exquisite metal and its scale texture looks restrained and sophisticated.

Etched Texture

The two cameras and the surrounding etched texture add radiance and beauty to each other in light and shadow, resembling the trajectory of celestial bodies.

Comprehensive Cushioning Structure Tough and Durable

The phone is made from high-hardness materials that offer all-around protection and make for a much more robust build.

  • High-Hardness
  • All-Around Protection
  • Much More Robust

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Comprehensive Dust
Touch with Wet Fingers8
IP64 Dust and Water

Going through rigorous tests, the phone is IP64-rated. Dust finds nowhere to get in, and liquid splashes cause no damage to the case from any direction.
You can type, dial, swipe, or zoom, when there is a small amount of water on the finger or there are a few water droplets on the screen.

* Advertising creative, this product is not professional waterproof mobile phone.

  • 32,000

    Tests Drops from a Small Height

  • 300

    Tumble Tests

  • 10,000

    USB Port Tests

  • 150,000

    Power Button Tests

  • 70,000

    Volume Button Tests

  • 500

    Body Twist Tests




50-Month Smooth

App Retainer

It can quickly restore your background apps to their previous
state and progress when you start the app again, ensuring an
uninterrupted user experience.

Hidden Photos

Protect your privacy by hiding sensitive images from prying
eyes, ensuring that they remain unseen by others.

Split-Screen &
Small Window

Multitasking becomes much easier, with all new split-screen
multitask like a pro.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all data and parameters are based on tests conducted under standard test conditions in iQOO lab. Actual performance may vary due to software versions, device conditions, individual differences, user habits, and environmental factors.
  • Compared to the previous generation refers to iQOO Z7. Data on the temperature reduction is obtained from iQOO laboratory. Actual data may vary depending on the ambient temperature and usage habits, and is subject to actual use. The total cooling area is calculated as the sum of the areas of the vapor chamber, graphite cooling film and thermal gel. Thermal conductivity refers to the amount of heat transferred through one square meter area of material with a thickness of 1 meter, a temperature difference of 1 degree (K,℃) between the two surfaces under stable heat transfer conditions, and within 1 second (1s). The unit is watts per meter Kelvin (W/(m·K), where K can be replaced with ℃).
  • The screen supports up to 144 Hz of refresh rate and only available in some supported gaming scenarios; 3840 Hz PWM is available in low-brightness scenarios. Actual performance shall prevail, 4500 nits peak brightness refers to the local peak brightness of the OLED display, triggered by light intensity of 100,000 lux, for example, when it plays HDR videos with the OPR of 1% in strong sunlight outdoors. Data is obtained from iQOO labs. The actual experience shall prevail.
  • The actual RAM space available is less than 12 GB due to the storage of the operating system and pre-installed apps. Extended RAM currently supports using ROM space as RAM for operation, achieving 12 GB extended RAM for the original 12 GB RAM.
  • The actual games that support this feature shall prevail.
  • The battery features single cell design: Typical capacity: 6000 mAh (3.91V),Typical energy: 23.46 Wh. Rated capacity: 5890 mAh (3.91V), Rated energy: 23.03 Wh. Battery capacity data is obtained from iQOO laboratory.
  • According to tests by iQOO laboratory, the battery retains at least 80% of its capacity after 1600 complete charge cycles. These tests simulate daily user habits (charging and discharging once a day) and indicate that 1600 cycles equal approximately 4 years of usage. The above data was provided by iQOO's lab according to tests conducted in a simulated environment, with ambient and battery temperatures of 23°C±2°C for a full charge and discharge. Actual results may vary due to differences in test equipment, the test environment, as well as personal usage patterns and habits.
  • This product is rated as IP64 for splash, water, and dust resistance under IEC standard 60529 and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions. The resistance to splashes, water and dust is not permanent and may be reduced due to daily use. Do not charge the mobile phone when it is wet. Refer to Safety information in Settings for cleaning and drying instructions. Damage due to liquid ingress is not covered by the warranty. These tests were conducted in controlled conditions in iQOO lab. Please follow the instructions for using the phone.
  • "50-Month Smooth Experience" indicates that iQOO Z9 5G has passed the 50-month smoothness testing in iQOO laboratory test environments through the optimization of software, hardware and other comprehensive technologies. However, 50-month smooth experience does not guarantee absolute freedom from lag. Due to differences in network environments, individual usage habits, and other factors, the actual experience may vary.
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    The product pictures, structure illustrations and features shown are for reference only. Please take actual products as standard.
  • *
    As some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to changes in suppliers or different production batches, iQOO may update the descriptions on this page accordingly without giving any prior notice. Please read this page carefully before use.
  • *
    When paired with the original charger and cable, the maximum supported charging power is 80W. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.
  • *
    3840Hz PWM and DC dimming will be activated via OTA update in the near future. Please refer to the system update information on your device for more information.