Dream big. Don’t be scared.
The journey while exciting, is exhausting.
But the rewards? Totally worth it..

Brand Association

”We at iQOO inspire people to triumph over adversity,
be invigorated by challenge and respond decisively
to opportunity. We want to encourage people to stand
by their convictions even if it means going against
the grain. And who better to embody these
beliefs than Virat Kohli” - iQOO

“I have always felt dreams don’t give up on you when you don’t give up on them. So I instantly connected with iQOO’s philosophy of Questing On and On. iQOO’s promise of unhindered performance is what I seek from myself as well to fulfill my dream” - VIRAT

Technology & Innovation

The arrival of the 5G era brings you advanced
communication quality and a smooth experience.

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Ultimate performance redefined. iQOO3 powered
by SnapdragonTM 865 with the top-notch
Adreno 650 GPU for ultimate graphic performance.

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