Warranty Terms

iQOO Product(s)– Warranty Terms

A. Warranty replacement and repair instructions

1. This warranty policy applies only to iQOO handsets and accessories sold in India.

2. A customer may choose handset replacement or repair if there is any functional error in handset within 30 days from the date of purchase and is also entitled for one-year warranty from the date of purchase only from a brand authorised center.

3. For charger/adapter, data cable & earphone (as applicable) the warranty period is six months from the date of purchase.

4. In order to avail warranty replacement and repair services, one should show the valid proof of purchase.

5. Other product related materials (such as the Quick Start Guide and Warranty card) are not covered in warranty replacement or repair.

B. Warranty repair instructions 

1. Warranty repair services are valid only if the product is used normally. If the product is damaged due to reasons other than product quality or under one of the following situations, one is not entitled to get warranty replacement or repair services, but one can pay to have the product repaired;

(1) Warranty period has expired for warranty replacement or repair services.

(2) No valid proof of purchase.

(3) The content on the valid proof of purchase does not match the labels on the product or has been altered.

(4) If product repaired/flashed at any unauthorised service center.

(5) Damaged caused by irresistible force like earthquake, fire etc., natural wear and tear of the product (for instance scratch or broken marks on back cover, button, display screen and accessories etc. or any external force causing a damage to the product).

(6) Faults or defects in the product that are not manufacturing defect or functional fault.

(7) If handset damages due to using of non-original accessories (charger, data cable, battery etc.)

(8) If product is damaged due to liquid or moisture entering the product or physical damage.

2. For repairing physical, liquid /moisture damaged and unauthorised repaired handset, a repair agreement “special instruction for product repairing” needs to be signed between the customer and the service center. 

3. Customer can avail service at any of the authorised service center in pan India.

4. All parts, components and accessories replaced during the warranty period shall undisputedly belong to the authorised service center.

List of Functional Faults Covered in Replacement and Warranty Services as per applicability

Backup reminder and important notice before sending Product(s)for repairing

1. Please make sure that the data of the handset is backed up before handover the handset for repairing as it might get lost during repair.

2. Please carry original purchase proof while sending handset to service center. (Purchase invoice and warranty card must not be altered or torn).

3. For any accessory related complaint, please carry the accessories together with the handset (In case accessory purchased separately, a separate purchase proof will be required).