Equal Opportunity Policy

This Policy applies to all the legal entities of vivo Mobile India Private Limited in India, 

including its subsidiaries, affiliates (hereinafter referred as “vivo”). vivo is an Equal 

Opportunity Employer and is committed to provide a non-discriminatory environment to 

its employees and its prospective employees (jobseekers). 

vivo is committed to provide equal employment opportunities, without any discrimination 

on the grounds of age, color, physical ability, marital status, nationality, race, religion, 

sex, sexual orientation. vivo strives to maintain a work environment that is free from any 

kind of discrimination or harassment based on above mentioned considerations and is 

intolerant towards such behaviour. 

Equal Opportunity for Persons with Disabilities 

vivo shall at all times ensure that the work environment is free from any discrimination 

against persons with disabilities or different abilities and equal opportunity is provided to 

differently abled persons. Further, vivo will take all actions, to the extent necessary, to 

ensure that a conducive environment is provided to persons with disabilities. 

vivo will build systems and processes to ensure: 

• That appropriate facilities and amenities are provided to persons with disabilities 

to enable them to effectively discharge their duties while working with vivo. 

• That provision is made for an accessible environment and of availability of 

assistive devices, wherever required. 

vivo ensures that, for all employment and/or promotional matters, a transparent process 

is being followed based on merit and without any bias towards the physical ability of the 

employees and/or prospective employee, whichever the case may be. 



All information shared by disabled person pertaining to his/her disability, shall be kept 

confidential and will be used strictly in accordance with the applicable law. Details of the 

complainant making the complaint alleging breach of the said policy shall be treated 

with confidentiality and shall not be disclosed to any third party, unless required under 

applicable law or pursuant to order by any court, tribunal, quasi-judicial authority. 


• Each and every employee of vivo shall be required, at all times during the tenure 

of his/her employment, to comply with this policy. 

• Every leader shall be responsible to maintain a work environment which 

promotes dignity and respect for the individual. 

• HR &Admin department shall supervise this policy as a whole and make sure 

that this policy is fully and fairly implemented. 

Communication of Policy 

• Each and every employee may have access to this policy at any time during his/her 

tenure with vivo which shall be made available to all employees via normal 

communication channels within vivo. 

• Every publication, management conferences, and internal training courses and 

management systems of vivo shall have a claim stating vivo as an “Equal Opportunity 


Grievance Redressal 

Any individual, who wishes to report violation of the said policy, is required to report to 

HR-HOD who shall be the designated grievance cum liason officer for all such 

purposes. vivo prohibits any kind of retaliation against any person who makes a 

complaint or takes part in investigation to such compliant, in good faith, against breach 

of the said policy. 

vivo shall investigate complaints alleging breach of the said policy and if discrimination, 

harassment in breach of said policy is substantiated, necessary disciplinary action shall 

be taken against such employee. 


In addition to the above any employee who willfully makes a false statement during the 

investigation against the alleged breach of said policy shall be subject to disciplinary 


This policy is not supplementing or replacing any other applicable policy and shall be read in 

conjunction with all the applicable policies of vivo.