A Manifesto that Embodies our Belief

Love what you do. Do what you love.
Not because someone's asking you to,
But because you want to.
Not because you've got to,
But because you love to.

Dream big. Don’t be scared.
The journey while exciting, is exhausting.
But the rewards? Totally worth it.

So turn work into play. Struggle into fun.
Ride on unhindered performance.

Do it once. Do it again.
Let your journeys be exciting
And your quest, endless.
i Quest On and On

The Core that Guides our Truth

It takes courage to
listen to your heart, it takes
your entire being to drive your
life momentum. We are
inspired by how relentlessly
you pursue your dreams,
how you are driven by your zeal
to carveyour own path
while dismantlingthe
conformed notions and how your
passion is never restricted.
That is why,
iQOO is never restricted by any

The Promise that We Live by

More.More Performance,
More Power, More Innovation.

Performance that pushes the
limits of technology. Power that
redefines the limits of minds.
Innovation that transforms the
meaning of new.
And, a quest that never stops.