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  • How does the referral process works?

    Refer your friends to buy iQOO 3 smartphone through your referral link. Both you and your friend receive INR 1000 Flipkart voucher after verified purchase.

  • Who can participate in referral program?

    iQOO users can participate in this referral program by verifying the IMEI number of iQOO device.

  • Where I can find my referral link?

    You can create your unique referral link. Visit ""

  • How much can I earn?

    On a completion of verified purchase from the referee, both referrer and referee will each get worth INR 1000 flipkart voucher.

  • How can I spend my Flipkart voucher?

    You can use your voucher on Flipkart for any purchase.

  • I have successfully referred a friend and yet I haven't received my voucher. Why?

    Referrer will receive the voucher within 30days once your referee purchases a iQOO smartphone using your referral link.

  • How much can I earn from referral program?

    Referrer can earn maximum of 5 vouchers each worth INR 1,000 for each successful referee on purchase of iQOO 3 smartphone from

  • Can the referee buy from any other website?

    No. Referee needs to buy the iQOO smartphone only from using the referral link