Simple and Cool Icons
Simple and cool icons make the whole desktop looks comfortable for a more efficient experience. Smart icons that can automatically recognize the wallpaper colors to adapt their colors accordingly make the overall view more comfortable. Icon shapes can also be updated according to your preferences. All these are tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of different users.
Always on Display
With the self-illuminating Super AMOLED display, iQOO supports Always On Display at a low power consumption. You can glance at your phone whenever you like to check the time or view alerts. Plus, customize this feature’s theme to add charisma to your phone and let coolest personality standout.
Performance Wallpaper
Recreating natural scenes in three dimensions to explore the amazing visual experience of nature energy and feel refreshed.
Dynamic Effects
Dynamic effects can make you more cooler than ever with different set of dynamic animation from Fingerprint, Face Access, Charging, Insert USB to ambient light effects.
Monster Mode
The new iQOO Monster UI style introduces semi-open icons, low-saturation color matching and smooth transition animations. The extraordinary experience is upgraded again. The iQOO Monster mode UI specially prepared for performance enthusiasts is more hardcore and cool, and the CPU releases more powerful performance. Bring the dual experience of visual and operational performance.