Introducing iQOO's Latest
Dual Chip Power
Neo7 Pro

8+ Gen 1
Mobile Platform
Gaming Chip

Redefined Performance
Reinforced Gaming

iQOO Neo7 Pro Sneak Peek

Dual Chip Flagship Performance

8+ Gen 1
Mobile Platform


Independent Gaming Chip

Game Frame Booster

17.22 cm (6.78-inch) 120Hz AMOLED Display
120W FlashCharge

5000 mAh4 Battery

Linear Motor

4D Game Vibration5

Smart 3D
Cooling System

4013 mm2 Vapor

50 MP GN5 Ultra-Sensing Camera

With OIS,
No Shaking Camera

The Performance

8+ Gen 1
Mobile Platform

TSMC 4 nm Process
With Great Power
Comes Great Efficiency.

  • 1,316,514

    Test score6

Flagship Snapdragon processor for extreme performance and imaging.
TSMC 4 nm process ensures stable and power-efficient performance even during the most demanding gameplays.
The octa-core CPU that adopts a"1+3+4"architecture boasts a super-speed large core clocked at 3.0 GHz.
Enhanced performance scheduling, enables smooth multitasking.

Gaming Chip (IGC)

Born for Passionate Gaming
Boosts FPS | Consumes Low Power

  • Game Frame Interpolation

    An IGC feature that boosts frame rates to up to 90 or 120 FPS.5

  • No Overheating,
    No Frame Drops

    GPU rendering enabled by the IGC reduces power consumption and provides consistently high frame rates for uninterrupted gaming.7


  • Flagship
    8+ Gen 18
    30 %

    Less platform power

    10 %

    Boost in CPU and GPU


    Advanced RAM with VMET that puts you one step ahead.

  • Storage: UFS 3.1

    Fast download, copy and installation.

  • Extended RAM 3.0

    Realize smooth multi-tasking that supports up to 36 active background apps.9


17.22 cm (6.78-inch)
120 Hz AMOLED Display

Dynamically Smooth and Visually Captivating

Color calibration algorithms for authenticity, precision, and a natural finesse.

  • 2400 × 1080


  • 120 Hz

    Refresh Rate

  • 1300 nit

    Local Peak Brightness

  • 8000000:1

    Contrast Ratio

  • 10-bit

    Color Depth

    Color Calibration

  • Visual Enhancement

    AI adaptation for video playback provides an enhanced viewing experience!

  • 2160 Hz Pulse-Width Modulation

    Reduces screen flicker and offers high-frequency dimming for enhanced eye protection.

  • 16,000-Level Dimming

    Optimizes brightness adjustment in low-light conditions, delivering a more delicate brightness experience.

    Display Color Calibration

  • Delta E≈0.32

    JNCD ≈ 0.28

  • SGS Certified

  • HDR10+ Certification

Quick Recharge.

120W FlashCharge

  • Accelerated charging empowered by the dual charge pumps and dual-cell architecture.
    smart charging strategy tailored to swiftly bring you back to full power.
  • Charge to 50% at least

    8 minutes

    in Fast Charging mode10

5000 mAh4 Battery

Never abandon your teammates on the battleground.

    Fully charged11

  • 7.1 h


  • 19.5 h


  • 49.8 h


Smart 3D Cooling System

Stay Cool and Calm on the Outside

Largest-ever vapor chamber in iQOO Neo series, efficient cooling materials and smart NTC sensors. A solution that ensures rapid cooling, and precise temperature control.

  • 167%
    4013 mm2 Vapor Chamber

    167% larger than iQOO Neo6.

  • Multi-Layer Graphite Cooling

    Closer to the heat and faster to dissipate.

  • 10Pieces
    High-Precision NTC Temperature Sensors

    Detect heat changes with higher accuracy.

Game Control

Gaming Experience

Summon and devote all your senses only to one thing: WINNING

Dual Stereo

Surround yourself with immersive sound effects that react to every sound, ensuring every shot hits home!

X-Axis Linear Motor

Action will leap through your screen when the vibrations kick in. 4D Game Vibration5 delivers a heightened sense of realism on the battlefield!

Advance like a Pro

Inspirational professional gamer settings to satisfy your desire to win your way.

  • Game Display Enhancement

    Improved visuals for authentic display. General Filter Mode to find the enemies in the dark.

  • Motion Control

    Up to six motion gestures for more control beyond finger movements... Experience the magic.

  • 1200 Hz Instant
    Touch Sampling Rate

    Extreme gaming control at your fingertips.

  • Game Control Customization

    Personalized tapping sensitivity, swiping speed and more.

  • Game Voice Changer

    Explore new realms of fun with charming, or electrifying voice effects.

Capture the Extraordinary
Capture the

50 MP GN5

Be the Photography Pro with OIS

Dual Pixel Pro technology for fast and accurate autofocus. Now capture moving objects even in low light, with incredible results.
Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for unparalleled clarity for your ultimate photography experience.

50 MP Ultra
HD Photos

Unrivaled level of detail. Capture moments
that remain captivating.

Pure Night View

Remarkable clarity and noise control. Every layer of the night unfolds before your eyes.


Seize perfect moments of action.

Night Sports Mode

Work with Pure Night View to capture your spectacular moments in low-light conditions.12

Timeless Classic Design
Classic Design

Belief in Passionate Gaming, bridging the virtual and the physical world, and evoking a nostalgia for the past and hope for the future.

  • Film Retro
  • Pixel Nostalgia
Fearless Flame
Dark Storm

Orange, a bold and
avant-garde expression.


Black speaks for
class and clarity.

Handy in All

Infrared Remote Control

Use your phone as a "Remote Control" for TVs, air conditioners, and more.13

App Retainer

Quickly restore your background apps to their previous state and progress when you start the apps again, ensuring an uninterrupted user experience.14


  • The product pictures, internal structure illustrations and features shown are for reference only. Please take actual products as standard.
  • All data and parameters are based on our laboratory test results in standard test environments. Actual performance may vary depending on individual product differences, user habits, and environmental factors.
  • As some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to supplier change or different production batches, we may update the descriptions on this page accordingly. Please read this page carefully before use.
  • This product employs a design of two cells in series: The typical capacity of a single cell is 2500 mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 5000 mAh (3.89V) in total. The typical energy is 19.45 Wh. The rated capacity of a single cell is 2440 mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 4880 mAh (3.89V) in total. The rated energy is 18.98 Wh.
  • The actual games that support this feature shall prevail.
  • The test score is obtained from iQOO laboratory based on AnTuTu Benchmark V10.0.3. The test device used is 12 GB + 256 GB edition of iQOO Neo7 Pro. The data is for reference only, and the test score may vary depending on the phone memory edition and test environment.
  • Some games may not support power consumption reduction or frame rate boost simultaneously.
  • The data on the CPU and GPU performance improvement and the platform power optimization of Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform refers to comparison with the last generation of Snapdragon® 8. The data on active background apps for the 12 GB RAM edition is obtained from iQOO laboratory, compared with the data obtained without enabling Extended RAM 3.0. Actual test results may vary due to differences in operating environments, user habits, etc.
  • The maximum number of apps that can be kept active in the background is 27 for the 8 GB + 128 GB edition. The maximum number of apps that can be kept active in the background is 36 for the 12 GB + 256 GB edition.
  • Charging data is obtained from iQOO laboratory. Test environment: ambient temperature and phone temperature of 25°C±1°C. Test conditions: 1% of battery level, all phone services and features turned off except for voice calls, with screen off, and using Fast Charging Mode with an official standard charger and cable. Actual data may vary depending on the test environment, charging situation, original phone temperature, long-term battery wear, and other factors.
  • All data and parameters are based on our laboratory test results in standard test environments.Actual performance may vary depending on individual product differences,user habits, and environmental factors.
  • In Sports Mode, night sports algorithms are automatically enabled when low light is detected.
  • The actual brands and models that support this feature shall prevail.
  • The App Retainer feature only works when the apps are running in the background and have not been manually exited. It is currently only available for over 100 apps on the iQOO whitelist.
  • The above sample photos are cropped.