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Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G 5G Mobile Platform

5000mAh Battery + 44W FlashCharge

28837mm² Liquid Cooling System

64MP AF Main Camera


Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G 5G Mobile Platform*

It features Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G 5G processor, 6nm chip and octa-core processor. The main frequency of the large core is 2.4GHz, supporting SA & NSA dual-mode 5G*.

  • 568448

    AnTuTu Score*

  • 40% Increased

    CPU & GPU*

  • Enhanced LPDDR5 6400Mbps & Enhanced UFS 3.1

    RAM & ROM

5000mAh Battery* + 44W FlashCharge*

The massive 5000mAh Battery keeps you going on & on and 44W FlashCharge helps refuel iQOO Z5 in no time.

  • 21.3 Hours


  • 23.4 Hours


  • 6.48 Hours

    BIG Game*

  • 23.4 Hours


120Hz FHD+ Display*

iQOO Z5 displays 120 frames per second, a 100% increase in the number of frames for smoother graphics. Higher frame rate makes operating experience with high-speed movement free of trailing or motion blur, by producing more detailed, clear, and impactful visual images.

  • 16.93cm (6.67”) FHD+
  • DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut
  • HDR 10

Multi Turbo*

"Extended RAM 2.0" can use part of the idle memory as extra RAM. The performance of an 8GB RAM is equivalent to that of a 12GB RAM.


28837mm² Liquid Cooling System*

The liquid-cooling vapor chamber* can reduce the surface temperature of the mobile phone by about 3°C and the CPU junction temperature by about 12°C for CPU-intensive games. The internal "capillary structure + fiber power pump" increases the power of liquid circulation and allows for faster heat dissipation.

240Hz Touch Sampling Rate*

The 240Hz touch sampling rate means that the touch IC collects 240 frames of finger touch information per second. Touch signals are collected every 4.17ms, ensuring faster touch response. The higher the touch sampling rate, the faster the screen response time, for providing better gaming experience and in giving a winning edge always.

*Gaming image is for visual purpose only.

4D Game Vibration with Linear Motor

Linear motor features faster response, stronger and straightforward vibration experience compared to traditional rotor motors. iQOO Z5 adapts Z-axis linear motor, which is perpendicular to the front of the screen and vibrates back and forth to deliver better vibration experience when the phone is held horizontally with both hands.

*Gaming image is for visual purpose only.

Surround Sound with Dual Speaker

iQOO Z5 provides better performance of diversified sound effects in games. Even, while watching videos, users can enjoy an enhanced immersive audio experience with a wider 3-D sound field.

*Gaming image is for visual purpose only.


64MP AF Main Camera

The iQOO Z5 is equipped with 64MP Auto Focus main camera supported by GW3 sensor, which offers great picture quality for all scenarios. 8MP for 120° wider view and a 2MP macro camera to capture 4cm closeup shots. Provides users with an unmatched photography experience.

  • 8MP Wide-Angle

    120° Wide Angle

  • 64MP Main

    GW3 f/1.79

  • 2MP Marco

    Up to 4cm

Dual-View Video

Convey your story more comprehensively by displaying your rear and front camera visuals simultaneously on the screen.

Super Night Mode

Reinvent your night photogaphy. Super night mode extracts untapped perspectives while specialised night filters configure hidden shades from the darkness.




Explore the Elegance and Power

3D curved back for an excellent grip. Frosted texture to provide a delicate touch.

  • Mystic Space
  • Arctic Dawn
  • Cyber Grid


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, and/or is its subsidiaries. Qualcomm and Snapdragon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporate, registered in United States and other countries.
  • SA and NSA 5G networks are both supported. Actual SA network compatibility depends on available networks and software. Actual 5G network mode and coverage are subject to local carrier‘s network situation.
  • CPU/GPU improved data is from Qualcomm, and compared to Snapdragon 768G. AnTuTu data is from iQOO LAB, AnTuTu version V9.1.2,data for reference only. Test results for different memory editions and in different test environments may vary.
  • The typical battery capacity is 5000 mAh, and the rated battery capacity is 4900 mAh.
  • Charging data is based on iQOO laboratory environmental tests. Test environment: ambient temperature 25℃±1℃; test condition: Turn off phone services and functions other than calls, charge by using the iQOO official standard charger with the screen off and 1% of battery capacity. Actual charging speed is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.
  • Data is based on iQOO laboratory environmental tests.Actual data is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.
  • By default, the screen refresh rate is set to Smart Switch mode where the refresh rate changes automatically to suit different user scenarios and reduce energy consumption. You can choose between Smart Switch, 60Hz, 90Hz or 120Hz modes in the system settings. In different applications or game interfaces, the screen refresh rate may be slightly different. Some certain applications or game interfaces may be only supported by 60Hz due to reasons like compatibility.
  • Actual available RAM/ROM is less due to the storage of operating system and pre-installed apps.
  • The core cooling data of mobile phones are from the laboratory test data of our company. The actual temperature may vary due to different environmental temperature and use habits, etc. The specific information shall be subject to the actual use.
  • 28837mm² is the total heat dissipation area of iQOO Z5.
  • In different applications or game interfaces, the touch sampling rate may be slightly different.
  • Camera is able to capture 108° photos after accounting for distortion.
  • Advertising creativity only. Please refer to the actual product for details and configurations.
  • Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.67-inch (16.94cm) in the full rectangle. Actual display area will vary and is slightly smaller.